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There is something in the air in Samaipata. It is a kind of energy that excerts special vibrations. The town of Samaipata (Quechua for Height to Rest) is located in the Eastern Valleys at the foot of the Bolivian Andes, at an altitude of 1650 m.. Samaipata´s main turistic attraction is the arqueological pre-Inca site of El Fuerte, a sanctuary for various cultures; with the world´s biggest sculptured stone slab: seats, tables, troughs, tanks, conference circle and niches Cultural Heritage of Human Mankind since 1999. (UNESCO). Samaipata has the most spectacular entrance to one of world´s greatest ecological & natural well preserved Flora & Fauna resources, Parque Nacional Amboró.

This is an uninfected landscape and small settlements in the valley-area, still breathe and radiate the old ancient sphere. For good reason there is a Sanctuary (El Fuerte)!! Not for nothing more than 25 nationalities are living in harmony with local people!!


In old text it’s also called Sabaypata = “Place of encounter” ( Guaraní language ). During ages Samaipata had a “Pascana” function. People from different altitudes –dry highlands met here and acclimatized in a continuous delicious temperate climate: incomparable pascana: to untie; to detach; to let loose; to free; to open; to pardon; to forgive; to solve.

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