Natural Attractions

Parque Nacional Amboró
Entrance: El Abra de los Toros Strangle fig, Río Banegas. 7 Km. on the highway to Santa Cruz + 7 Km. Turn off to Paredones

A nature reserve with over 800 species of birds, over 125 mammalian species including puma, ocelot, and the rare Spectacled Bear. It covers an area of 4,425 km² (1,709 sq mi).

Parque Nacional Amboró - Giant Ferns
Entrance: La Yunga Giant ferns 16 Km. on the highway to Mairana, + 13 Km. up to La Yunga.

This amazing spot in the national park hosts a variety of species of ferns, from the smallest ones (like moss) to the giant fern as tall as large trees, reaching more than 4 meters high. Most of them are centennial and only grow 1 centimeter per year.
Waterfall La Pajcha
40 km. on the road to San Juan and Postrervalle
A beautiful waterfall where you can enjoy a picnic and a swim.
59 km. from Samaipata, via waterfall La Pajcha or via Quirusillas (70 km.)
Visit beautiful landscapes in this quaint local village.
Condor Hikes

Visit our list of tour companies to find an experienced guide to help you get the most out our your visit to the condors.

Waterfall Cuevas
20 km on the highway to Santa Cruz
Beautiful waterfalls just outside of Samaipata.
Laguna Volcán
44 km highway to Santa Cruz
Incredible lagoon with spectacular views.
Laguna de Quirusillas 58 km from Samaipata to Quirusillas
Tel: 944 6169, 726 51278
2 km de Samaipata dirección a San Juan.
A local zoo that has been in Samaipata for six years. They are dedicated to saving animals that are sick, abandoned, or donated. It is a a dream place to rest it has a play area, snacks and information about the animals. If you would like to work as a volunteer and support our projects, please contact us.

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